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Pippa Colman - Director

Admitted to practice as a Solicitor in 1979.
Accredited Specialist Family Law


Pippa commenced her legal career at the age of 17. Having lived and worked for most of her life on the Sunshine Coast, Pippa is an established Coast identity who started her firm "Pippa Colman & Associates" in March 2001. Pippa is also a qualified Mediator and Arbitrator and is engaged by other lawyers to act in this capacity.

"My proudest achievement is that I have four lovely children, six grandchildren and I am still happily married to my husband. I love my work and the fact that I have been able to grow my firm to be one of the largest family law practices on the Sunshine Coast. I could not have achieved this without the support of a great team."

"Thank you Pippa so much for this. It is a way beyond what I expected but on reflection, it is exactly what Pippa would do. I am so very grateful."

"Pippa is a human dynamo and very professional about it too! In a recent Estate Planning case with a couple of my clients, the rapport that they felt and the quality questions they were asked helped them understand their situation and the outcomes they want in a whole new way. The solutions that resulted gave them a sense of security and satisfaction that went far beyond just dotting the I's and crossing the t's in their estate plan. They were also impressed by the reasonable fee they were quoted. Go Pippa!" 

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