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About Us

With several decades of combined experience working in family law, Pippa Colman & Associates Law Practice are the largest and most experienced local family law firm on the Sunshine Coast and the best choice when it comes to appropriate solutions, resolving conflict and minimising the stressful effects of a family breakdown.

We are the local experts in the legalities of family law, but more than that, we understand the many complex emotional and physical issues surrounding a family breakup. Most people prefer to avoid the stress and expense of going to Court. We will help you to resolve your matter by negotiating, mediating, or arbitrating with the other person. Whatever it will take to settle your dispute without having to go to Court.

Feeling in control of your situation is a large part of a successful outcome and the knowledge you are able to move on with your life with your dignity intact. Our emphasis is on helping you achieve this. We will try to find appropriate solutions for problems that arise after a family break up, and aim to leave the family with as little damage as possible. This approach works for the family, and for the whole community.

We know that people rarely have just one problem. When one thing goes wrong, other problems sometimes arise as well - like employment, housing, managing debt, children's behavioural problems or even your health. If we can't provide you with the whole solution to your problem, we can point you in the direction of others who can help - whether that be the Police, your child's school, the Department of Child Safety, your doctor, the Child Support Agency, Centrelink, or maybe even another lawyer.